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Seminars and Training Services

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ADA Overview & Disability Awareness General Sessions

ADA Title II Training
Program Accessibility
Evaluations & Transition Plans
How to be an Effective ADA Coordinator (Partnerships w/ DBTACS)

ADA Title III Training
Good Access is Good Business
Existing Structures - Readily Achievable Barrier Removal
New Construction

ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) Training - customized to each customer's needs. We have prepared customized training curricula for businesses, architects, building code officials, facilities managers, and corporate building owners. We use the ADAAG Manual and other technical assistance resources provided by the DBTAC: Mid-Atlantic ADA Center, the Department of Justice, and the Access Board to explain the "why" behind accessibility features.

ADA Survey training is offered on several levels:

Level One: The essential training for anyone preparing to give ADA information to the public. This training is a basic training on the accessibility requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the implementing regulations. It provides a good understanding of what the ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) are, and how to reference them. Participants learn how the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (A.T.B.C.B. or Access Board) creates the guidelines that are adopted by the federal agencies that enforce the ADA. The participants are provided with material made available by the DBTAC: Mid-Atlantic ADA Center in Rockville, Maryland. Participants learn how to develop contacts, utilize available resources, and serve as a source of information and assistance in their own communities.
Mark explains how to assess a curb ramp

Level Two: The Level Two training is the basic survey training offered and the first of the on-site survey trainings, where participants learn about the "tools of the trade" and how to obtain and use them. Previous attendance at a Level One session, or equivalent background and experience are a prerequisite.

Participants are given an opportunity to go on-site to gain experience using professional survey tools. Participants will gain a better understanding of the "why" behind the specific requirements for access.
Mark and an associate surveying a parking area

Level Three: The Level Three training is an advanced accessibility survey training. A pretest on ADAAG may be administered prior to acceptance of a participant's application for registration for the training. Attendance at a Level Two session (or equivalent experience) is a pre-requisite for this training. The on-site portions of this survey training get the participants out in the field for practical experience working with survey tools and checklists. This level includes discussions of various types and levels of surveys, best survey practices, digital photography, reporting formats, business proposals, contracts, and liability issues. Mark surveys a long ramp

The Level Three survey training requires the participant to submit a written survey report to receive a certificate of completion from ED&A. Each participant is expected to bring or obtain their own survey tools.

Level Four: The Level Four survey training is a paid experience made available to invited participants only. Eligible participants will be responsible for collecting and documenting data as active members of a professional survey team working on an actual project on behalf of an ED&A client. This training experience would be comparable to an apprenticeship or intern program. This is an opportunity geared to those already taking steps to develop and provide survey services in their own communities, and who are looking for experience under contract. The participants may become members of a network of accessibility consultants for possible future survey opportunities, should they present themselves. Of course, Eastlake, Derry & Associates, LLC makes no guarantee of future consulting opportunities.

To find out more about our trainings, to schedule a training, or to be put on our list to be notified when we conduct a training in your area, contact us.